Claramount is commited to the following:

  1. Maintaining pesticide-free lawns and gardens
  2. Supporting organic growers
  3. Using local food producers, thus reducing, in-season food transport costs
  4. Composting food scraps and grass clippings
  5. Using organic spa product in therapies and retail sales
  6. Using recycled packaging material.
  7. Using soap and shampoo dispensers in bathrooms rather than single-use, packaged shampoos and bath products
  8. Encouraging guests to re-use towels and reduce laundry
  9. Ensuring laundry is done in the most energy-saving and environmentally-friendly fashion possible; e.g. gas dryers versus electric, commercial washing machines versus household machines
  10. Using environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  11. Safely disposing of hazardous waste such as paints, fluorescent bulbs, etc.
  12. Using compact fluorescent light bulbs
  13. Turning down heat and turning off air conditioning in unoccupied rooms
  14. Using an on-demand hot water system for swimming pool.
  15. Avoiding the use of bottled water in our rooms, encourage guests to use potable tap water, centrally dispense spring water that can be carried to rooms in reusable containers
  16. Encouraging employees to be motivated to cooperate with all of the above and work as a team to promote the well being of our environment.