LUNCH at clara’s

Soup, made with local ingredients, and always delicious 8, Lettuces, organic greens, pumpkin seeds, seasonal garnishes, thyme-sherry vinaigrette 11

  • Arugula, baby rocket, toasted almonds, spring asparagus, yogurt-tarragon dressing, feta cheese 12
  • Tuscan Caesar, romaine leaves, roasted garlic, herb croutons, olive oil dressing, shaved parmesan12
  • Tuna, herb seared albacore tuna, ancient grains, preserved lemon, nectarines, shaved fennel15
  • Tofu, maple miso grilled tofu, Asian slaw, coriander-walnut pesto, pea greens 14
  • Udon, Japanese noodles, aromatic broth, oyster mushrooms, scallions, togarashi, cashews 16
  • Spa Wrap, rosemary grilled chicken, avocado, shredded roots, ginger aioli, greens15  
  • Berries, foraged berries, maple yogourt, inn-made granola 7
  • Cheese, Fifth Town artisanal varieties, sesame flatbreads, fruit compote, seasonal garnishes 16